Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile Marketing Services In Kerala

Get the tailored experience of mobile marketing effortlessly. We aspire users worldwide to connect with a growing business that increases engagement over a website. Mobile marketing involves promoting an online business through a mobile device by text messages, pop up notifications, etc.

As compared to traditional marketing, mobile marketing is affordable with effective result. While downloading any application, it collects user information which is delivered to the database center. We collect the data to send pop up notifications related to the interest of users. Mobile marketing target users through demographic strategy instead of geographical area.

Aspiring south Indian company: Pintech introduces clients to the newest model of marketing through mobile usage. Mobile marketing reaches most users, whereas TV or radio advertisements work only when a viewer is using such devices.

Why choose us?

Choose Pintech for an optimum experience of mobile marketing campaigns. We design mobile marketing plans with the words of experts who know about running a campaign online without affecting the quality of a project. These ads run in between the application without interrupting a user over and over.

  • User-friendly designs

Creating an interactive ad design can engage more length of users that increase the traffic on a website. These designs are planned as per the SEO strategies because they will reach interested users and demographics.

  • Advanced targeting plans

We use advanced target plans to locate nearby users and convert them into the organic audience. Then, using local ad agency and geo mode, we increase the traffic on a website and retarget them.

  • SMS campaigns

Short SMS are quick to read and easy to understand. As 80% of people are already using mobile devices, it becomes easy to target them. Sending them short messages with attractive offers bring a flood of the audience to the website. It is a cost-effective campaign that contributes a lot to a business.

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