Paid Advertisement Service

Paid Advertisement Service

Paid Advertisement Services In Kerala

Paid Advertisement Services is the kind of advertising that you have to pay to grab the users’ attention. It lets your audience know about your existence in Digital Marketing. They are usually displayed on the sides, tops or bottoms of web pages to the users. Website owners pay more to have their brand ads featured on more popular sites to increase the traffic towards their brand websites. It helps in increasing the visibility of brand websites to get immediate results. 


Major categories such as PPC (Pay Per Click), PPI (Pay Per Impression), and Display Ads allow website owners to customize their campaigns. The growing popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc., turns into effective platforms for paid ads. 


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●     Pay Per Click- It is the online advertisement that a website owner pays when a user clicks on one of their online website ads. It is a faster and more effective way of brand awareness in Digital Marketing. 

●     Pay Per Impression- The online advertisement in which a website owner pays for the number of times the advertisement is displayed on the user’s web page. Prices are generally set per one-thousand-page impressions. Therefore, they are cheaper than PPC. 

●     Display Impression- A Display Impression is counted each time your advertisement is served to your targeted audience. In this online advertisement, the user only sees an advertisement of the brand websites, but it is still important metrics for Digital Marketing. 


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Our Company PinTech Digital Private Limited assures you guaranteed and immediate results for paid ads service. We grab the attention of the targeted audience. We provide excellent satisfaction service to every customer. We create long-lasting brand awareness in the Digital Market. Affordable and relevant package cost are available with us. 

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